Texas Electricians License Renewal Courses Online
 Texas Electricians License Renewal  Courses Online
Texas Electrician License continuing education classes online
 TX Electrical License requirements for continuing education
texas electricians requirements for continuing education
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Texas Electricians Continuing
Education Course Online
What are the requirements for continuing education? 
Each licensee must complete 4 hours of continuing education annually prior to the  license renewal date. The educational courses must address the National Electric Code and state laws and rules that regulate the conduct of the license holder.

 When do I need to renew my license? 
Your license will need to be renewed within 1 year of its issuance date. The department will mail a renewal notice at least 60 days prior to the expiration date; however, it is ultimately the licensee's responsibility to insure renewal of the license prior to expiration

About the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation

The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation is the state's umbrella occupational regulatory agency, responsible for the regulation of 22 occupations and industries. 
The regulated industries are diverse, ranging from boxing to electricians, from elevators to auctioneers. TDLR is governed by a seven member commission whose members are appointed by the Governor. To prohibit even the appearance of conflicts of interest, no commissioner may have a financial interest in any of the regulated programs.

Unless commission rules relating to continuing education requirements for a specific occupation provide otherwise, continuing education courses shall cover one or more of the following aspects in the area of licensure:

(1) technical
(2) business
(3) health
(4) safety
(5) legal
(6) other relevant topics approved by the department.


Texas Electrical Safety and Licensing Act



Electrical Safety and Licensing Advisory Board

•January 27,  - Town Hall Meeting at Lufkin City Hall 
Compliance Division staff will be holding informal “town hall” meetings to touch base with local area contractors, inspectors, and any other interested persons. We hope these meetings will allow us to 
1) put some faces to our names;
 2) find out about electrical safety issues/concerns that may be specific to yor a
3) establish working partnerships with the local jurisdictions; 
4) answer any “hot topic” questions regarding state electrical requirements, and 
5) provide additional education on the law and rules. 
If you would like to invite us to hold a “town hall” meeting in your area please contact Jerry Daniel at jerry@license.state.tx.us or (512) 799-1489.

Additional Contact Information:

For general questions about the electrical program you may contact TDLR at (512) 463-6599 or toll-free (in Texas) (800) 803-9202.  For the hearing impaired, Relay Texas - TDD is available at (800) 735-2989. 
For Questions about the State Electrical Program:  electricians@license.state.tx.us
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Online Courses for renewing your TX electrical tradesman license
Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation TDLR - Electricians

Texas Electrician CE Package 2010   


This 4 hour course covers the following mandated topics: The Texas Electrical Safety and Licensing Act, Administrative Rules: 16 TX Administrative Code Chapter 73, NEC 2008 Code Updates, and NFPA 70 E Standard for Electical Safety in the Workplace. 

Approved Course Number(s):

For Enrollment Help
Call: 877.207.0353

4.0 Hrs   $45